Marketing begins with your idea. From the moment you conceive of something that you believe someone else will want, you are thinking about what it is that makes them want it.

Often subconsciously, marketing is an aspect of your project that is with you from day one. Marketing strategy is the practice of identifying those ideas and determining how, and when, to communicate them to your potential audience for the greatest possible impact.

Oscar Mike Media can help you assess the landscape, develop an audience and create the materials that demonstrate your project in the best possible way. When the time comes, we can plan the strategic release of those materials to that audience, and manage the response for you as it happens.

We have many years of collective experience in all aspects of modern marketing, from early documentation and developing pitch presentations to press release copy, creative asset generation, social media management, online advertising and trailer editing.

We’re equally comfortable consulting with you to manage relationships and steer marketing projects, if you have specialists already in place for certain aspects of your plan.

We’ve worked with all major video games storefronts and several significant publishers to launch products to eager communities that we have built on several major social platforms including Facebook, Twitter, Discord and YouTube.

We’ve consulted for indie titles that are passion projects for small teams and we’ve run full service plans for large studios that are selling millions of units. We understand the need for flexibility in such a diverse marketplace where no two projects are ever the same and we’re capable of filling your specific marketing requirements, whatever they are.