While publishing is something that has become increasingly manageable for smaller teams in recent years, it’s still a role that requires specific knowledge and expertise, as well as a significant time investment and management pre- and post-release.

Most smaller games studios do not have that expertise on hand or, if they do, their resources are often better invested in work directly on the development of the game. This is even more pertinent during the period of time when a game’s publishing tasks need to be completed – usually it’s the final few months of development when your team is already working hard to prepare.

We’ve published games on the PlayStation 3, Vita and PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PC, Nintendo Wii U and Switch, and on mobile devices like the iPhone, Android and nVidia Shield.

That means we’ve worked with titles on the PlayStation Network, Xbox One Game Store, Steam, eShop, GoG, Humble Store, Epic Games Store, App Store, Google Play Store and more.